Superior Heating and Cooling Products for Your Home

At Rivercroft, we carry only the finest HVAC products for your home or business. We focus on your needs to provide you with the heating and AC equipment with top performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and long-lasting durability.

Heating and Cooling

Our heating and cooling products include air conditioners, air handlers, coils, and furnaces. We are also happy to provide heat pumps, packaged systems, and ductless systems. At Rivercroft HVAC, our goal is to carry the HVAC systems that work best to provide a comfortable environment in your unique home.

Air Conditioners

When choosing the air conditioners to carry at Rivercroft, we focus on giving you the air conditioning unit you need to feel comfortable throughout your home, even on the hottest summer days. We carry AC systems that are extremely efficient to keep your energy costs low. Our air conditioning units include AccuComfort, and American Standard Silver and Gold.

Air Handlers

Our air handlers circulate the heated or cooled air evenly throughout your home. The air handler products we offer give even temperature control in each room while operating quietly and efficiently. Our air handlers include ForeFront and American Standard Silver.


If you need indoor coils for your matched AC system, you can find them with your HVAC company in Milton. The coils we offer transfer heat efficiently and are durable enough to last for years. We carry American Standard Platinum coils.


We offer high efficiency furnaces that keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long without wasting valuable energy. Our furnaces control the humidity indoors and provide warm, even heat in every room. Our furnaces include American Standard Platinum, Gold, and Silver models.

​Heat Pumps

Heat pumps keep your home at a pleasant temperature whether the outside air is blazing hot or freezing cold. You can use our heat pumps alone or as a part of a hybrid system along with an energy efficient furnace. We offer AccuComfort Platinum and American Standard Silver and Gold heat pumps.

Packaged Systems

If you would like to have your heating and cooling all in one complete unit, a packaged system is the perfect solution. We offer several types of packaged systems to meet your individual needs. Our packaged systems include American Standard Platinum, Gold, and Silver units.


A home without a central air conditioner can still stay at a comfortable temperature with a ductless HVAC system. Rivercroft is your home for the best ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. We provide wall-mounted, designer, high efficiency heat pumps, or multi-zone heat indoor heat pump units, as well as a wide range of ductless outdoor units.


The right thermostat can not only control the temperature in your home. It can also add convenience and energy efficiency into the mix. Choose one of our advanced thermostat options for your home heating and cooling system. Our thermostats include AccuLink Platinum, as well as American Standard Gold and Silver.

Indoor Environment

Our indoor environment products can provide better air quality and consistent comfort throughout your home. We offer both indoor air quality products and complete HVAC zoning systems. Along with inline ventilators, ventilating humidifiers, whole home humidifiers, and energy recovery humidifiers, we offer the AccuClean Whole Home Air Filtration System.


Canadian made Continental Fireplaces have an amazing range of gas fireplaces, gas inserts, gas stoves, wood burning stoves, wood burning inserts.

With more than 30 years behind the Kingsman name, discover why our customers rely on our products for complete safety and incomparable craftsmanship.