​High Efficiency Furnaces for Maximum Energy Savings​

At Rivercroft HVAC, we understand your need to save on fuel costs and your desire to protect the environment. That’s why we carry high efficiency furnaces. Struggling along with an old furnace can be costly and uncomfortable. Efficiency for these older furnaces can be as low as 60 percent. That means 40 percent of the fuel you use is wasted.

A high efficiency furnace solves this problem. With AFLUE ratings in the high 90s, these energy efficient furnaces can convert up to 97 percent of your fuel into warm, comfortable heat. With proper installation, your new furnace can provide considerable savings on fuel costs over the life of the unit.

Benefits Beyond Fuel Savings

A new furnace can provide you with many benefits in addition to the savings in fuel costs. These furnaces typically last longer than less efficient traditional units. With multi-stage heating and a variable speed blower, they perform better, with more consistent heating throughout your home. Because noise levels are lower than in older units, your home will be not only more comfortable but also more peaceful. Since a high efficiency furnace uses less fuel, it has significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, it is better for the environment than an older furnace that wastes so much energy.

Replacing a Traditional Furnace

We at Rivercroft are happy to bring you the cost savings and comfort with highly efficient furnaces that heat your home well and stand the test of time. If you have an old or worn-out furnace, there is no more perfect time than now to consider replacing it with a furnace that offers efficiency, cost reduction, and better heating all around.

Our team of dedicated HVAC staff will be happy to assess your current heating situation and offer suggestions for furnaces that will meet your needs and fit within your budget. Whether to get a new furnace is an important decision that is different for everyone. As the HVAC company Milton residents can count on for straightforward answers, we are pleased to offer consultations to help you determine if a high efficiency heating option is right for you.

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