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Air Conditioning

We provide the air-conditioning products and services you need for true comfort all summer long. We carry both central air conditioning units and ductless systems to meet your unique needs and install the systems to our highest standards. We also offer expert air conditioning repair.


We offer heating system products, installations, and repair service so you can weather the winter and enjoy a cozy home environment when the weather is cold. Our high efficiency furnaces and ductless systems save you money on your energy bills and keep your home as warm as you like.


The outside air plays an important role in your heating and air conditioning systems. That’s why we provide ventilation products, installation, and service to keep the air flowing smoothly and your heating and air conditioning systems running at maximum efficiency.


A furnace or air conditioner that isn’t working properly can’t do its job to heat or cool your home. It’s less energy-efficient, and it may even be dangerous. At Rivercroft HVAC, our technicians have the expertise to repair your HVAC systems to get you back to your comfort zone.