Hot Water Tank Installation

As your full-service HVAC company in Milton, we provide outstanding hot water tank installations. Hot water provides comfort, convenience, and cleanliness in your Greater Toronto Area home. You use hot water for a variety of tasks around the house. And, you probably want to have hot water available for a nice, steamy shower. Yet, if your old hot water tank quits working or springs a leak, all you have is frigid water. With our expert hot water tank installation, you can get back to being warm, comfortable, and healthy.


Tankless water heaters provide an energy-efficient solution to heating water in your home. At the same time, they eliminate the extra time you have to wait for water to travel through the pipes from other parts of the house.

However, installing a tankless system is not a job to take lightly. Safety is a major concern, because improper connections to gas lines can cause a hazardous situation for you and your family. Getting the wrong size of tankless units can cause problems, too. And, without expert installation, the manufacturer may not honor your warranty if anything goes wrong. Talk to our HVAC hot water specialists to get professional tankless installation every time. We can also help you choose the right tankless water heater for your unique home.

Tanked units

Tanked hot water systems have been around for many years. Yet, the need for professional hot water tank installation is as important as ever. Whenever you’re dealing with gas lines, there is always a risk of explosions and fires during installations. If the unit is not properly installed, your family may be exposed to unacceptable levels of carbon monoxide.

Our Milton HVAC team have the product knowledge needed to recommend the ideal tanked unit for your home. We know how to install your tanked hot water heater so that it works at peak efficiency and effectiveness, just the way it was designed to work. Then, we carry through with the work, providing an installation that precisely meets our highest standards. For the best hot water tank installation in GTA, Rivercroft HVAC is the one to see.

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